For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure. Plants have been used by cultures around the world since the dawn of light for healing, health & wellbeing. Please explore the shop and find a natural addition to your self care routine.

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We are passionate about clean, quality ingredients and source only the finest on the market. All of our products are free from preservatives and GMO. We guarantee that all of our products are free from pesticides, bulking agents, fillers and synthetic ingredients.



I studied for a diploma in Medical Cannabis & CBD Oil and passed with distinction. I am currently studying for a diploma in Herbalism and I am also a qualified Kambo practitioner. These studies allow me to advise my customers with honesty and integrity.

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Lions Mane & Vitamin D Bundle

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Treat your body and mind and save a few £££ in the process.

Our Lion's Mane extract is a wonderful medicine for the mind. It is know to promote and release a substance called NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) which supports your brain and nervous system. Our extract capsules are a perfect way to keep intrusive thoughts at bay and keep the overthinking to a minimum!

Our Vitamin D spray is highly bioavailable due to our nano spray technology. 1 spray a day under the tongue will deliver a high level dose of Vitamin D helping maintain a strong immune system and healthy bones.

The two in tandem are a powerful way to put a spring in your step this....er....spring!